Painting Services for Landlords Norwich & Norfolk

For landlords, the right paint can be a sound business investment. Whether you’ve got previous tenants moving out and feel like upgrading the property or the current tenants have requested a bit of a spruce, hiring a professional painting service for landlords shows a commitment to maintaining your portfolio and giving your tenants an attractive living space.

HGS Painting and Decorating have worked with landlords and lettings agents across Norwich and Norfolk to modernise, overhaul or simply uphold standards in the county’s rented accommodation.

Our painters are experienced professionals who work closely with landlords to deliver outstanding results with a quick, affordable turnaround and minimal disruption to the new or existing tenants.


We rely on repeat and referred business for a large part of our work, which means that customer service is a priority in every job we do. The experience we’ve gained from delivering exceptional painting services for landlords is applied to each new project. HGS Painting and Decorating can build a relationship with our clients that allows us to carry out work quicker and with a greater understanding of the end goal.

What’s more, we don’t consider our work done until the landlords we work with are 100% happy. Our painters will be on-hand to fix any unlikely snags that come up after the job has been completed.


The delivery of our painting services for landlords is straightforward and hassle-free. Following a consultation with you, the client, we will draw up a full and transparent quote detailing all the labour and materials we’ll be using to complete the job. Once this has been agreed, we cover all furnishings to ensure that nothing gets paint damaged and begin working.

Our painters work around your schedule or that of your tenants, carrying out the job during evening, weekend and daytime hours as needed.