Domestic Decorating Services Norwich & Norfolk

At HGS Painting and Decorating we are determined to help you get the home that you want without disrupting your home life. Whether you’re looking for painting, wallpaper, woodwork or carpet installation, our team possesses the full range of skills necessary.

Zero disruption decorating

We recognise that however necessary our services are, the last thing any homeowner wants is to have a team of painters and decorators in the way of their daily life. For this reason, we’re willing to make ourselves scarce. We can work evenings, weekends or normal weekdays to suit your needs. Before we start work we see to it that all the existing furnishings are properly protected from the work in hand, and once we’re done our decorators will ensure that every hint of presence is cleaned and tidied away. The only trace of us you’ll be left with is the room of your dreams.

Top notch service

We also appreciate that in the current economic climate everyone is keeping a close eye on the purse strings, so we make sure to agree in advance how much a given job will cost, explaining clearly what materials and labour we’ll be using so that you get no nasty surprises come billing time.

Throughout the job you will have the contact details of a single project manager who will take personal responsibility for the quality of the work. You can talk to him at any time if there are any concerns or changes you need to discuss. We rely on repeat and referred business, and firmly believe in taking care of our customers, so even after the job is completed we will be on hand to fix any problems that arise as the paint dries and the woodwork settles.