Painting Services Norwich & Norfolk

Sometimes a fresh lick of paint is all you need to bring life back into your home or business in Norwich and Norfolk. At HGS, we offer straightforward and professional painting services in Norwich and the surrounding areas, giving your property a new look with minimal hassle.

We believe that our customers deserve an uncomplicated service and that’s what we aim to deliver every step of the way. After assessing what you need, we provide you with a transparent and clearly laid-out quote that breaks down each element of the costs, leaving no room for mistakes or surprises. Then, if everything’s good to go, we carry out our painting services with minimal disruption to your daily life or operations.

We always ensure that all furnishings or stock are fully covered before we whip out the paint brush, so everything is left exactly as it was when we arrived. If it weren’t for the immaculately painted exteriors or interiors of your property, you’d never know we were there.

As far as we’re concerned, our work isn’t done until our customers are completely satisfied, so we’re always on hand to sort out any unlikely flaws which rear their head as the paint dries.

Domestic Painting Services

Our domestic painting services in Norwich and Norfolk are all about making you feel at home. Maybe you’ve just moved in and the house doesn’t feel like yours until you’ve put your own colourful stamp on it, you’re trying out a new look, or perhaps you’ve lived in your property for a number of years and the paint is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Whatever the nature of your painting predicament, painting services in Norwich from HGS could very well be the solution.

Commercial Painting Services

Having your business premises professionally repainted can feel daunting, but with painting services across Norwich and Norfolk from HGS, you won’t regret giving your operating environment a hard-earned makeover. A new coat of paint goes beyond simply brightening up a room, it can actually lift morale and help forge or re-emphasise your company’s identity. We have repainted both retail and office settings, always working around our clients’ hours to make sure they can get on with their job as efficiently as we get on with ours.

Industrial Painting Services

HGS can help keep your essential infrastructure in tip-top shape with our industrial painting services. Industrial painting is more than simply a vanity project, it’s a crucial part of maintaining your facilities that contributes to their functionality, safety and environmental compliance. We work with industrial clients to maintain paintwork on a wide variety of infrastructure without disrupting workflow while always remaining mindful of regulation.

Services for Landlords

Freshening up your rental property can help increase its value and attract new tenants to a vacant home. HGS’s painting services for landlords are a sound investment in your portfolio, being both cost-effective and high-quality. Our flexible working hours are an asset to residential landlords, who work around the clock to keep their properties looking top-notch. We can work during daytime, evening or weekend hours with minimal disruption to the home.