Industrial Decorating Services Norwich & Norfolk

When you’re in charge of an industrial site, ensuring that the space is designed in a way that maximises efficiency and is fully compliant with health and safety regulations is crucial.

HGS Painting and Decorating offer industrial decorating services, such as the application of specialised coatings, to all manner of clients in the industrial sector, from warehouses to infrastructure.

Our team of industrial decorators are highly experienced, possessing the necessary equipment and knowledge to deliver top-quality industrial decorating services.


We aim to offer our clients a cost-effective service that gets them outstanding results at a reasonable price. A full quote will be presented before industrial painting starts, breaking down the costs of labour and materials clearly and transparently and enabling you to make an informed decision about engaging our services. We promise not to deviate from the agreed budget without proper consultation with you, which will be confirmed in writing.

HGS Painting and Decorating aim to provide high-quality results with every industrial painting job. To this end, we guarantee total customer satisfaction by making our team available to fix any unlikely post-completion snags which come up as the paint dries.


Industrial decorating services from HGS Painting and Decorating are provided with the least possible disruption to the premises’ normal operations. Our industrial decorators will work at evenings, weekends or during daytime hours so that, where possible, your facility can continue running as normal.

Throughout our operations, very care is taken with regard to health, safety and the quality of our work. Before works begin, our clients’ equipment and the premises’ associated infrastructure will be protected from the risk of paint damage.